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Collective protection

The XSGuardrail system or roof edge railings, with optional toe boards, turns the entire roof into a 100% safe access area without the need for special precautions or personal protection equipment. The benefit of this type solution is that there is no user knowledge required. XSGuardrails are designed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency on any type of roof surface, platform and terrace.


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Guardrail XSFixed

Our guardrails

XSGuardrails stand freely and therefore do not need to be attached to the roof structure. The long stand bases and concrete counterweights keep the system securely in place. There are three types of guardrails to choose from: XSFixed, XSCurved and XSFlex. The XSFixed has a fixed base and upright with no further design. The upright of the XSCurved is curved, to create a more attractive appearance. XSFlex is foldable and makes this guardrail invisible to the eye when not in use.



Parepet Guardrails

For roofs with parapetes, our Parapet Guardrails can be installed. The installation of parapet guardrails will keep the roof structure completely intact and leaves more room for workers to reach every inch of the roof and to move around freely.


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Download Manual

Download the manual to get guidens in the product.

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Enestående faldsikringsprodukter

Mijama A/S tilbyder enestående faldsikringsprodukter, hvor kendetegnet for alle produkter er – attraktivt, flot arkitektonisk design, høj kvalitet - hvor brugervenligheden er i særklasse. 

Mijama A/S tilbyder faldsikringsløsninger til enhver opgave, hvor der er behov for sikkerhed, hvad enten det er et fastmonteret eller midlertidigt system, platforme eller personlig sikkerhedsudstyr. 

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