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Single Anchor Points

Innovative anchor points

Anchor Points are permanent anchors in the surface of the structure. This type of fall protection can be used as a standalone anchor point or in combination with a temporary lifeline, which can be installed between two anchors. If an anchor point is used as a stand alone solution, a user will be secured directly to the anchor point itself. the combination with a temporary lifeline will offer more freedom of movement. Anchor points can also be built up as a horizontal lifeline (XSLinked and LinkedPro).


 BBO2015-11 ArmadaC2-022



 BBO2015-11 Hypsos-108

Our Single anchor points

An anchor point always consist of an anchor, a base plate and an attachment point. With only three bases, XSBase plate, XSMD and Xtrusion, it is possible to offer a solution for almost every type of surface. For a stand alone anchor point we offer two types of attachment points, a Safety eye that can rotate 360° or a Safety eye that also can be used for work on sloping roofs, or for rope access/abseiling, with a max. angle of 15°. This attachment point can also be used as an addition for anchor points of a horizontal lifeline.



Modulair built up method

We offer modulair anchor points, which means that it is possible to equip anchor points with different components for additional performance or extra functionalities. The best choice for your project depends on a number of factors, including the length and the number of corners, the number of users and the amount of absorption. Contact us to find out the best solution for your project.


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Enestående faldsikringsprodukter

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Mijama A/S tilbyder faldsikringsløsninger til enhver opgave, hvor der er behov for sikkerhed, hvad enten det er et fastmonteret eller midlertidigt system, platforme eller personlig sikkerhedsudstyr. 

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